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Radmin 3.6 Crack With License Key Free Download

Radmin (remote PC access software) is develop and release stable version by Famatech Corporation on 25 December 2012. It is a remote access software for windows based PCs through which you can access remotely other computers easily. It was originally developing by Dmitry Znosko in 1999, he is the CEO of Famatech Company. Its original name was Remote Administrator. Users and developers shortened its name to Radmin. Currently, most using Version of this software is V3.01 which was release on 3 July 2007. Its latest version is ‘Radmin 3.6 Crack‘ after the V3.3 flaws come. Its V3.3 supports Intel AMT feature and 3.4 supports Windows Server 2008 R2. Remote Administrator (Radmin) provides high-speed connection between a remote computer and clients. This software only works for the Microsoft Windows-based computers.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to look your computer. Even if you are outside from home like you are in office, in a hotel room, in train or airplane. Radmin provides you the facility to remotely access your PC when you are not at home. Radmin 3.6 Full Version provides dependable and smooth access control of your PCs. It is the leading software among remote access software, that it is being used on millions of systems around the world. It gives employees support of remotely access the office computers at any time day or night from home. From out of city or country or continent easily can control the PC if you are not coming office due to any reason. You can easily Radmin 3.6 Download from our this website Onhaxu.com.

Radmin 3.6 Crack free download

Features Of Radmin 3.6 Crack:

  1. File Transfer:

This feature allows you to remotely transfer files and folders to client computers. It supports two-way file transfer.

  1. Full Control:

This feature gives you full control over the clients by just your own computers mouse and keyboard. A desktop screen of remotely accessible systems is shown on your PC screen and you can fully control them with just one click.

  1. Telnet:

A feature of text mode connection in which you use commands to perform functions, not a graphical interface.

  1. View Only:

This feature is same as a full control but there is a restriction that you can only view the client’s screen but not do anything to control them.

  1. Shutdown:

You can shutdown other computers which you are controlling remotely.

  1. Text and voice chat:

This feature allows you to talk with other users easily through chatbox or through the voice call.

  1. Intel AMT:

This feature allows you to access also the hardware of the system if it is base on Intel v Pro platform. The feature includes hardware power on/off, BIOS control, startup control, cold restart, network boot and more.

How does it work?

It’s simple to work with it, just download it from the site Remote administrator. After the download completes check the folder it comes with two components. The first is Radmin Server and second is Radmin Viewer. Install Radmin 3.6 Crack Server on the PC to whom you want to access remotely and install Radmin Viewer on the PC from where you want to access the remote PC. Both systems must be connected to the internet or some network like LAN.

Modules of Radmin:

When you purchase Radmin, it comes with 2 modules:

  1. Server Module: This module needs to be installed on the PC/client/system which you want to access remotely.
  2. Client Module: This module is installed on that computer from where you monitor the clients remotely.

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6 Reasons Why IT Professionals Choose Radmin:

  1. Reliability:

After users reviews, great testing of the software and professional reviews about the software. It confirms that Radmin 3.6 Crack is a reliable software with no flaw even after years of its development.

  1. Affordability:

Its price is affordable to every user because Radmin license is for the lifetime. Which means you buy it once and it remains active for the lifetime.

  1. Security:

In remote Access, connection security is necessary to protect personal information and data. A great feature of Radmin is that it protects the data which is transferring with 256-bit AES encryption. There is no chance of data loss.

  1. High-Speed Connection:

It has an ability of high-speed connection even at very low internet connection. Its unique algorithm allows you to remotely access computers with very low bandwidth.

  1. Low system requirements:

The Radmin best feature is its compatibility with Windows Operating System. It even can run on PC with 8MB of RAM. Supports Windows 98 and higher easily.

  1. Easy Installation:

You can download it from the official site and after download follows the instructions to install it on your system. Installation is so easy that takes only 5 mins on both PCs.

In Conclusion:

Radmin is the best software for Remote Access Utility. It provides better results than other Remote Softwares. This is our effort on Radmin 3.6 Keygen, and we will be happy if you appreciate us for our work. Thanks 🙂

Radmin 3.6 Crack With License Key Free Download

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