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Hotspot Shield Elite V7.20.9 Crack Serial Key 2018 Free Download

Hotspot Shield Elite V7.20.9 Crack Serial key 2018 Free Download

The world largest and most powerful Internet freedom provider and privacy take looker platform. The main objective of Hotspot Shield Elite Company is to provide secure internet access to the information and data on the internet for every person on the earth with their Free powerful VPN. 400 million users are using this Application from 200 countries and still growing very fastly. It is a software application which is developed by AnchorFree, a company in Silicon Valley. It allows the user to connect to a virtual private network(also called VPN) to secure the internet connection created between the user and the Internet. By this, the user can access the unrestricted information. Every application or Website we visit through Hotspot Shield Elite V7.20.9 Crack is encrypted. Every Wi-fi connection to which a user connected via Hotspot Shield is protected by VPN.

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Hotspot Shield Elite V7.20.9 Crack is used to put the power of personal privacy, freedom, and security in the hands of people. So that they feel free to save their information and no need to worry about thinking that their personal information would be safe or not?. This Software application was released in April 2008 for Windows OS and MacOS and later in 2010 to 2011. It includes the feature to be installed on Android and iOS. The VPN usually protects the information from being accessed by hackers or scammers or third parties. The best feature of Hotspot Shield Elite is that it is free but a user must pay to get it’s more features to be unlocked. Which includes an elimination of advertisement, antivirus protection and the ability to choose the country to connect to various countries list through VPN.

Overview About Hotspot Shield Elite:

Hotspot Shield Elite is the product of Anchor Free which was developed for the users who want to secure their personal information and data. This product encrypts the data and secures it from hackers, scammers, and unauthorized users. It protects your data connection by making a shield around it and nobody can break through that protective shield. Hotspot Shield Elite allows the users to hide their ‘IP Address’ and to change their location by changing DNS server and to become anonymous over the internet.

But the fact is nobody can completely hide their location or IP Address but Hotspot Shield Elite Latest Version hide much more information about you. It can secure your data on the internet than other VPN’s. Hotspot Shield is a premium business model, the best feature is that it is free and you can download it’s VPN from the Official Site. But the thing is to be known for every user is that its new features have to be purchased to unlock elimination of advertisement. Antivirus complete protection and several countries location in the VPN. You can easily Hotspot Shield Elite Free Download from this website Onhaxu.com.


Hotspot Shield Company says Cybercrime occurs 12 times per second. Without getting protection for your online work and data you will always be at risk. That’s why AnchorFree developed Hotspot Shield Elite to protect the users from Spammers, Hackers, Scammers, and unauthorized access to the data. Their objective is not only to protect your data but also to ensure the security of your online activities, data on your PC, social networking information.

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Benefits Of Hotspot Shield Elite:

  1. With just one click you can download and install the Software application and get unmonitored access to over a wide range of network devices and locations.
  2. As compared to A web proxy, VPN gives better security to the connection. It hides your IP address to protect you from hackers and spammers who are silently seeing you through the internet.
  3. You can bypass the filters and firewalls which are set by a Network administrator in your school and college. Unblock websites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other sites which are banned in some locations.
  4. Hotspot Shield creates an anonymous tunnel between the User and their server to securely access the network and perform online activities by becoming anonymous.
  5. It gives Wi-Fi security to the public network hotspot to which you are connected. Because if it is public Wi-Fi anybody can spy the Connections easily.
  6. The best part is that it protects us from malware’s coming from the internet. It alert’s the user whenever the malware tries to enter their PC. Till now, it has detected and blocked more than 3.5 million malicious and spam sites! infecting your network devices and will do the same in future.

Difference between Elite version and Free mode of Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot Shield Free Mode:

This mode gives access to only one US virtual location! and advertisements are shown on the screen like Elite advertisements of purchasing when you access BBC, Netflix, Hulu, Adult content, etc. Sponsor’s ad is also shown at the top of your browser.

Hotspot Shield Elite Mode:

Compared to Free Mode, it provides 20 virtual locations to which you can connect your internet and change your location. No Advertisements will be shown on the browser or on the VPN. To access Hotspot Shield Elite you must sign-in to your Elite Account.

International Use of Hotspot Shield Elite

It has been downloaded 400 million times and still counting continues. During Arab Spring protest in 2010, protestors use Hotspot Shield to gain access to Social Network and upload Images, Videos. Hotspot Shield was the most used VPN during Egpyt protest and revolution in 2011.

In 2012, Mac users were infected by Flashback virus and at that time number of Hotspot shield users in the United States and Europe increased due to that Virus.

In Conclusion:

Hotspot Shield Elite comes with total security to protect users over the network. The Best VPN to protect your data. Hotspot Shield Antivirus is also a feature which protects your PC data and Elite mode protects your internet access. We Hope that your knowledge has been increased reading this article and will love to see our more article. Thanks 🙂

Hotspot Shield Elite Tutorial

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